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Category Low-voltage electrical

Low-voltage electrical


压缩机启动后,继电器线圈两端的电压随着压缩机电机转速的增大而增加。当 电机的转速达到额定转速的70%~80%时,线圈上的电压使之产生电磁力吸引衔铁,使常闭触点断开,启动电容失去作用;当压缩机断电时,常闭触点在弹簧的作用下自动闭合,为压缩机的再启动作好准备。

About Hongli Electric

Hongli Electric Co., Ltd. has been a professional manufacturer of contactors, AC contactors, DP contactors, light contactors, magnetic contactors, power relays, potential relays, switching relays and transformers, disconnect boxes, enclosure boxes, whips, and Master Distributor of HVAC-R products in China.…

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